Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bargain Jewelry that's a Real Bargain

My brain hurts! I have spent the last 4 hours trying to find examples for this article on comparing jewelry prices. There is so much on the internet and it is hard to know what to choose. The goal of this article is to explain to you why buying jewelry from a chain jewelry store is a bad investment and how you can save money by buying used, or better use the money to buy a piece of vintage jewelry. The average retail chain jewelry store buys machine made wholesale jewelry from another country usually in Asia. I looked on http://www.jewellerynetasia.comsale and found a list of 2,360 finished jewelry suppliers. The stores buy the jewelry, the large stores have their "designer" jewelry lines made by over seas usually in the same factories. The jewelry is bought wholesale and then marked up 500% or more. Example; a ring bought for $25.00 each will be sold retail for $150.00-$200.00. Some stores like Ross Simmons inflate the price and then mark it down. Here are some examples that I found today.
The first trip I made was to the Kay Jeweler’s website. They call themselves “America’s Favorite Jewelry Store”. While there I found a lovely Lover’s Embrace heart shaped necklace with diamonds for $199. Kay's site doesn't let you use their pictures. Here is the description "DIAMOND NECKLACE 1/5 CT TW ROUND-CUT STERLING SILVER" Stock number 172186607. I'll save you the trouble it looks exactly like the picture on the left. The exact item with original Kay box sold for $50.00 on EBAY, a savings of $149.00 or 75% off.
EBAY $100.00
An isolated incident? NO. On the contrary I found so many currently sold jewelry items on EBAY for a fraction of their price I had a hard time choosing. See the fing on the right? Kay's description ""DIAMOND HEART RING 1/10 CT TW ROUND-CUT 10K WHITE GOLD" $237.30 Ticket $339.00"

You think it's such a deal. A hundred dollars off. Until you look on EBAY and find that someone bought the same ring with the box included for $100.00. This is the same item. No one will ever know that you bought it used at a almost 75% off the original price or over 50% off the sale price.
Ross Simon 25% off sale Sale $395.00

EBAY $89.00 

I am not picking on Kay Jewelers. I looked at Ross Simons as well. Here I found on the far left Pave Diamond Accent Starfish Pendant Necklace in 14kt White Gold. 18" . See description $395.00. On EBAY I found a similar necklace but in yellow gold also. The EBAY necklace comes with the original Ross Simons box and claims to be brand new. I know they aren't the same but I found Ross Simons so much harder to find. The sell so many different kinds of jewelry and sell retail for a much shorter time. 

The main point is that if you want to buy yourself a piece of "fashion" jewelry for the best price. Never buy it from a retail store. You can buy the same jewelry used and at times even with the original box. Or if you are done wasting your money on fads like Cape Cod bracelets and Pandora beads, and Alex and Ani, and want jewelry that won't go out of style that you can wear forever. What I am asking you to do is to think about the jewelry you buy. Have you ever considered buying vintage or antique jewelry?

Vintage jewelry is t least 25 years old and antique jewelry is 75 years old or more. Antique jewelry is usually handmade with care, the artists used high quality materials and constructed the pieces to last. I know, you have watched Antique's Roadshow and know that antique jewelry can cost a huge amount of money. Or you have looked in those fancy antique store jewelry cases and been too intimidated to even ask to see a piece close up. Well my friends here is a huge secret. So come close and make sure no one else is watching.
Art Deco Diamond Pearl $91.00
15K Victorian Enamel Amethyst $75.00
You can buy gorgeous affordable antique jewelry on EBAY! This jewelry is usually bought from the owner or from an Estate sale and then sold to you for fantastic prices. This antique jewelry would cost you 5 to 7 times more if you bought it in a fancy antique store. I gave myself a $100.00 limit and went on EBAY to see what I could find. Look at these deals! These are "sold for" prices.

Pretty cool stuff. Their are jewelry bargain.   But you will never find them in a retail store.

14K seed pearl pin pendant

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