Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday's Recipe

Every Sunday I am going to post an important recipe or entertaining tip from one of my antique cookbooks. 

I love antique cookbooks! Not only for the recipes which at times seem more like science experiments, but for the advice about entertaining and taking proper care of your family. I read these books like an archaeologist uncovering the lost world of the domestic goddesses.

This week’s selection is from Anyone Can Bake published in 1927 by the Royal Baking Powder Company. 

I have chosen page number 6 and 7.
This is not from book

Titled: SETTING THE TABLE-For Breakfast

1. Cover the table with silence cloth made of felt, heavy flannel, or bound asbestos.*

2. Lay nicely laundered, unstarched damask cloth with center dividing table exactly in half. Cloth should hang at least one foot over edge of table.

3. Place forks at the left, knives at the right with the blades turned in, one inch from edge of table.

4. Place spoons, with bowls turned up, at right, in order of use; that is, the spoon used for first course at outside. Place the napkin folded or not, as desired at the left of the fork.

5. The butter plate is placed at the upper left. The spreader on the plate or in same position just to upper right of butter-plate. The glass at the upper right.

6. Place service plate in center of each cover. If bowl is used it should be placed on service plate.

7. Butter curl is placed on each plate---glasses are three-quarters filled with water and fruit placed on service plate just before breakfast is served.

*Please note that I do not recommend covering your table with poisonous materials.

I don't know about you, but this is how I set my table for Christmas dinner. I don't even think that my son knows how to use a fork. Forget using multiple forks? Cloth napkins? Butter plates? Can you imagine setting a breakfast table like this for your family every morning? My kids are happy with a bowl of cereal at our mail covered kitchen table. Maybe I should freak them out this week with a pretty table set for breakfast? But I will leave off the Asbestos and the butter curl.

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